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Quality Pressure Cleaning

We will do your pressure washing for you!! Chemical Roof Cleaning, Exterior House Washing, Driveway Cleaning, Deck Cleaning, Patio Pressure Washing, Sidewalk Cleaning, Fence Soft Washing, Exterior Shed Pressure Cleaning, Gutter cleaning & many more services. Our service areas include Knoxville, Cookeville, Crossville and surrounding areas.

Exterior House Cleaning

One of the most common concerns customers have and mention to us is "I don't want someone to put a lot of pressure on my house. "This is a great concern and we make it a priority to put only the necessary amount of pressure on any surface. Although we have pressure washing equipment that can reach up to 4000 PSI, that much pressure is rarely used. The fact is that nearly any surface is cleaned more safely and effectively with the proper chemicals and cleaners and the least amount of pressure possible. Some pressure washing companies refer to this as soft washing. When cleaning the exterior of any home or building regardless if it is brick, vinyl, T-111, hardy board, stucco or any other surface, this is the process any experienced professional will use. It is not good for any home exterior to be blasted away at it with high pressure as it can damage wood, blow out window seals, strip good paint and chip away at bricks and grout. Be careful who you hire to pressure wash your home. If they are a company that does a little of everything, they may do more harm than good. We, on the other hand, specialize specifically in pressure washing.

Quality Pressure Cleaning is Knoxville, Cookeville, Crossville TN and surrounding areas Premier SoftWash Roof Cleaning Contractor.
Listed here are a few questions and answers about roof stains.

Why is my roof discolored?
Most roof stains are caused by an algae called Gloeocapsa magma. The algae is airborne and can land on any roof at any time. It usually grows first and fastest on the north facing portions of your home.
Does my roof need to be replaced?
Probably not. Many roofs can have the algae and discoloration removed using our low impact cleaners and treatments, returning them to a newer-looking appearance without damage.

Will my roof be harmed during the cleaning process?
Not at all. Our non-pressure SoftWash application will not cause damage to your roof.

Will the treatment harm the environment?
No. The combination of cleaners that we use and the procedures that we follow assure that there will be no adverse affect on the environment or your plants and landscaping.

How long will my roof stay clean after treatment?
While it depends upon your conditions, most roofs will remain clear of visible stains for several years.

Is your service guaranteed?
Absolutely! Our service is covered by our satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with the cleaning results on your roof, we will return and retreat the areas in question at no charge to you.

Pool Decks & Screen Enclosures(also referred to as 'Bird Cage')
If you've never had a professional pressure washing of your pool deck and enclosure you are missing out. We can pretty much make it like new again including aluminum framework structure inside and out. It's your own little paradise for entertaining family and friends and we can keep it looking nice.

Driveway & Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning
Home owners are often surprised when they see how clean their driveway and walkways look after a professional pressure washing. With commercial grade equipment the results of concrete cleaning are very uniform and bright. Quite a few homeowners own a pressure washer, but it would take them an entire day to clean the driveway and sidewalk plus not look as clean as when we clean it. It is also important to know which chemicals to use to treat oil stains, rust stains, and stubborn mildew. We pressure wash standard size driveways free, if requested, when you get your roof chemically cleaned and exterior house washed.

If your wood deck is black and slippery and you want it to be safe and beautiful again, we can help. Properly pressure washing wood takes a delicate skill which always makes it look better, especially if you are planning on staining or waterproofing it.

Cleaning decks is one of the most popular pressure wash projects performed throughout the country. Every home owner that has a deck made from treated lumber needs to consider adding deck cleaning to their maintenance program in order to help the wood last for many years and to keep it looking great, year after year.

At Quality Pressure Cleaning, we fully understand the need to keep your deck protected from the elements of nature and how important it is to clean with professional grade cleaners.

To achieve the best results, it is crucial that the proper deck cleaners be used to clean the wood. It is also important to use the right pressure washing equipment set to the correct psi in order to prevent damaging the wood.

So do yourself a favor and contact a professional, Quality Pressure Cleaning, having a proven track record and referrals from satisfied customers.

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